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Event Messaging and Branding

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PR plays a critical role in crafting the event’s messaging and ensuring consistent branding across all communications channels. We work closely with the event team to develop key messages, taglines, and branding elements that resonate with the target audience and align with the business’s overall brand identity.

Increasing Event Visibility

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PR tactics can significantly boost an event’s profile before it happens, attracting a larger audience. By utilizing press releases, social media, and media partnerships, we can generate buzz and anticipation, ensuring a higher turnout and engagement from the target audience.

Attracting Sponsorship and Partnerships

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We work with the media to generate positive coverage and increase awareness of clients’ advocacy efforts. This includes securing media interviews, writing press releases, organizing press conferences, and leveraging social media platforms to amplify messages and reach a wider audience.

Building Media Relationships

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Events provide an opportunity to strengthen relationships with media contacts. By inviting journalists, bloggers, and influencers, and providing them with a unique experience, PR efforts can foster goodwill and lead to positive coverage both during and after the event.

Maximizing Post-Event Engagement

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The role of PR extends beyond the event, leveraging post-event coverage to maintain momentum. Through press releases summarizing key outcomes, sharing event highlights on social media, and distributing content like speeches or presentations, we help extend the event’s lifecycle and impact.

Event Coordination and Logistics

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While event planning and logistics are typically handled by event management professionals, we collaborate closely to ensure seamless coordination of communications efforts. This includes aligning messaging, coordinating media attendance, managing media inquiries, and providing necessary event-related information to attendees and stakeholders.

"HeraldPR has really put in the time and effort to learn our business and is now at the point where they know perfectly where to successfully pitch us and our story, sometimes in places that on first pass might not seem like a fit."

Richard Danderline, Co-Founder of Staxxon

"In facing a crisis, I've always believed that the best defense is prevention. It's about being one step ahead, anticipating the challenges and weaving a safety net before the fall ever happens."

Juda Engelmayer, President of HeraldPR

"The best PR is built on the foundation of genuine relationships and engaging stories."

"In my experience, earned media is the crown jewel for any brand. It's an authentic endorsement, not bought, but given freely - a testament to true resonance with our audience."

Juda Engelmayer, President of HeraldPR

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