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HeraldPR is a full-service public relations agency located in the heart of New York City. At Herald, we go above and beyond to think outside of the box and deliver targeted results to bolster your brand awareness and increase your bottom line. Through our team of Beauty, Tech, Law and Crisis Experts, we’re fully equipped to deliver high-end public relations that garner results for you and your brand or business.

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HeraldPR takes pride in all of its media partnerships with clients across all industries, as well as the strategic approach designed for each client to meet their specific set of goals and needs. Below, find an offering of our past strategies to deliver quality results, brand awareness, and national and international recognition across various industries.

Check out our recent work with The Law Center.

Legal Public RelationsDuncan Levin
Beauty Public RelationsMiko Branch, Miss Jessie's
Tech Public RelationsThe Glimpse Group
Tech Public Relations

Our Services

At HeraldPR, we’re here to be an extension of your team, regardless of industry or situation. With a hands-on approach to media and an experienced team ready to deliver results, we’ll help you to not only envision your business goals and objectives, but to accomplish them along the way.

Corporate Public Relations

At HeraldPR, we’re here to be an extension of your team, regardless of industry or situation. With a team of passionate and effective professionals, we'll mutually work to determine your public relations and business goals to strategically develop a public relations strategy that meets your goals. Our team will then become your storytellers and vie for your presence in the media to help brand you and your business and highlight what makes your business great. At HeraldPR, we utilize our years of expertise earning media for businesses across all industries in the No. 1 city for hosting the largest media and news conglomerates. We understand how to increase your brand’s credibility, drive business and new clients to your organization, and change the way people think about you. Our professionals will help you share your story and connect with the right audience to create meaningful and lasting impressions and customers.

Consumer Public Relations

At HeraldPR, our consumer public relations team understands that the same thought and consideration that goes into developing your brand and product also needs to translate in the media. By understanding your product and business goals, our team will develop a strategic public relations strategy to deliver your brand in front of the correct target audience. The beauty space is highly competitive, both on the shelf and in the news. However, our experienced team will leverage its media and communal relations at top-tier beauty and lifestyle outlets to implement your expertise, brand and product into the global conversation. From launch parties, to distribution and more, our passionate team of beauty public relations professionals will help you to meet your goals and drive sales. 

Tech Public Relations

In today’s modern world, technology and its subsequent advances continue to captivate audiences around the globe. At HeraldPR, we understand that the media landscape for this industry is highly competitive, almost as competitive as the industry itself, which is why we have an experienced team of passionate public relations professionals that double as tech gurus to not only drive media attention to your business and services, but also to understand the product thoroughly in order to captivate the media and tell media personnel exactly how it works and what it does in technical terms.  To optimize our ability to secure media, our technology public relations team will perform a deep-dive into your business and products, help to develop your public relations and business goals and create a public relations strategy to assist in the accomplishment of each. At the end of the day, we'll work with you as an extension of your team to bolster awareness and captivate media attention.

Luxury & Hospitality Public Relations

Our luxury public relations team at HeraldPR understands the ins and outs of the luxury and hospitality industries and knows who to connect with to deliver content directly to your target audience. Our team knows how to increase your brand’s credibility, drive business and new clients, and change the way people think about you. We'll help to share your story and connect with the right audience to create meaningful, lasting impressions and customers.

Crisis Public Relations

In today’s modern world, crises are happening left and right, to affluent individuals, high-end companies and everything in between. At HeraldPR, we know how dire it is to have a clean reputation attached to your personal brand or business and how a negative one can deteriorate personal and financial assets altogether. During a difficult time to navigate, our crisis management team is here to be an extension of your team when need be. We’ll help you navigate the media, compose public statements, mitigate further negative press and news coverage and, through Online Reputation Management services, ensure a clean online profile that promotes your business or brand.

Social & Digital Marketing

At HeraldPR, we believe that Social Media and Digital Marketing is not only a way for brands and businesses to be a part of the daily lives of every day consumers, but also a way to leverage your brand to drive consumer purchases and build your fan-base. Our team wants to help your company utilize the world’s most powerful tool to bridge the gap between companies and consumers. With the implementation of Social Analytics and Insights, HeraldPR's experienced Social team will help you to develop quality content that drives user engagement.


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