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HeraldPR is a premier NYC public relations agency with over 30 years of experience, specializing in bespoke media campaigns, crisis communications, and powerful storytelling to elevate your brand and maintain its reputation.

Our Mission

Our mission at HeraldPR is to empower brands and individuals by crafting and amplifying their unique stories through strategic public relations and media campaigns. We are dedicated to building lasting relationships, driving visibility, and safeguarding reputations. Ensuring that every message resonates deeply with the intended audience and leaves a lasting impact. With integrity, creativity, and expertise, we strive to exceed expectations and deliver exceptional results, making HeraldPR the trusted partner in your journey to success.

Enhancing Your Brand’s Presence: Strategic Communication and Media Relations

HeraldPR, led by Juda Engelmayer, is a proactive PR agency that seamlessly integrates with your business.

As media relations specialists in NYC, we’re committed to crafting tailored communication strategies that meet your business goals, focusing on strategic storytelling and precise audience targeting.

Our expertise in media innovation enhances your brand’s credibility, attracts new clients, and positively shifts public perception.

With our media kit and skilled PR representives, we spotlight your unique attributes, enhancing brand credibility and  forging meaningful connections that convert into loyal customers.

We offer hands-on, bespoke media campaigns designed to achieve tangible, lasting results across various sectors.

Trust HeraldPR to not only envision but also realize your business milestones through effective media relations.

Juda Engelmayer

With over three decades of experience, Juda is an expert in crisis management, media relations, and tackling significant social and political topics.  Leading HeraldPR in New York, he specializes in helping clients protect their reputations and brands. 

Juda stands out for his ability to connect with journalists, creating effective communication paths and strong bonds. His talent for writing engaging stories appeals to a wide audience.

What makes him truly unique is his caring attitude and commitment to his clients. He prioritizes their needs, offering solid support and advice during challenging times, making sure they feel supported and valued.

Juda is also known for his deep knowledge of crisis communication tactics, making him a popular speaker and educator.

He often appears on shows like Live From The Bunker and The Edwin Black Show to discuss various topics, from entertainment to politics. His dedication to public relations drives him to provide exceptional service, focusing on each client’s distinct value.

"HeraldPR has really put in the time and effort to learn our business and is now at the point where they know perfectly where to successfully pitch us and our story, sometimes in places that on first pass might not seem like a fit."

Richard Danderline, Co-Founder of Staxxon

"In facing a crisis, I've always believed that the best defense is prevention. It's about being one step ahead, anticipating the challenges and weaving a safety net before the fall ever happens."

Juda Engelmayer, President of HeraldPR

"The best PR is built on the foundation of genuine relationships and engaging stories."

"In my experience, earned media is the crown jewel for any brand. It's an authentic endorsement, not bought, but given freely - a testament to true resonance with our audience."

Juda Engelmayer, President of HeraldPR

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