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Twitter is a great way to share your thoughts, ideas, or promote your company. How do you get an audience to read what you’re tweeting? These 5 simple steps are guaranteed to help direct traffic to your feed and profile.

Short & Sweet

When passionate about a tweet, it may seem like the 140 character limit is a big restriction. However, studies have shown that tweets 110 characters or less can lead to around 17% higher engagement.


Timely Tweets

So many hours in a day, so many days in a week. How do you know when the right time to tweet is? Meetings are usually held at the top of the hour, so tweet a few minutes before that when employees are waiting on their phones. Tweet around 12-1pm for the lunch time rush. The weekends are also when most people check social media regularly.


#Hashtag Hype

Using hashtags in your Tweets can help you gain followers, get retweets, and likes. If you use a relevant or trending hashtag, you can increase your tweets reach and span of people that see it. People interested in the hashtag can easily stumble upon your tweet.


Trendy Tweets

Add some embellishment to your Tweets! Pictures and shortened links can increase your click rate, as people are visual and curious. Adding these to your tweets also heighten your chances of getting retweeted as well!


Talk Through Twitter

There is no rule about breaking the social media wall when tweeting! Don’t be afraid or shy to ask people to retweet you tweet. When people do this, it has been shown that asking can lead to 4x the amount of retweets!


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