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Case Summary

The Glimpse Group sought to elevate its position within the burgeoning Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality industry. Despite matching Alphabet in VC corporate acquisitions in 2017, its visibility and recognition remained limited. Partnering with HeraldPR, The Glimpse Group embarked on a mission to enhance brand awareness for both the parent company and its numerous subsidiaries. The goal was clear: to establish The Glimpse Group and its subsidiaries as leaders within the VR/AR domain. Through strategic PR efforts, the company not only secured top-tier media placements but also attracted valuable investment and partnership opportunities, demonstrating the multifaceted benefits of effective media relations.

Customer Profile/Background

  • Company name: The Glimpse Group
  • Industry: Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality
  • Product: VR and AR software & services
  • Company size: Mid-size
  • Location: United States

Designed to nurture innovation within VR and AR, The Glimpse Group fosters a dynamic ecosystem for entrepreneurs, while offering investors direct access to the emerging tech landscape.

Client Goals

The primary challenge was The Glimpse Group’s limited brand recognition in a competitive market. The objective was to significantly boost awareness and establish a strong market presence, thereby facilitating growth and leadership in the VR/AR industry.


HeraldPR devised a comprehensive public relations strategy focused on generating high-quality media placements across industry-specific and mainstream outlets. The campaign emphasized showcasing the unique value proposition of The Glimpse Group and its subsidiaries, highlighting innovation, success stories, and technological advancements. This multifaceted approach not only improved media visibility but also played a crucial role in closing funding rounds, attracting new investments, and establishing strategic partnerships.


The collaboration resulted in:

  • Extensive media coverage across top-tier industry and mainstream publications.
  • Direct ROI from increased visibility, including new partnerships and investment opportunities.
  • Support in successfully closing funding rounds, evidencing the tangible impact of strategic PR beyond mere media relations.

Closing Statement

“Our partnership with HeraldPR has been instrumental in propelling The Glimpse Group to the forefront of the VR/AR industry,” stated a company executive. “The strategic media coverage has not only heightened our profile but has also opened doors to invaluable opportunities for growth and innovation.” Moving forward, The Glimpse Group is poised for further expansion, leveraging its enhanced visibility to spearhead new ventures and solidify its status as an industry pioneer.

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