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Case Summary

In the aftermath of the College Admissions Scandal, a recent graduate faced significant career obstacles due to a tarnished online presence. HeraldPR’s Crisis Communications and Digital team was enlisted to mitigate negative press and rejuvenate the client’s digital footprint, focusing on their educational achievements and personal milestones. Through a comprehensive blend of search engine optimization and strategic content creation, the team embarked on a nine-month journey to reposition the client’s online profile positively.

This case study revolves around an individual caught in the fallout of a high-profile scandal, aiming to secure employment and move forward professionally.

Client Goals

The primary challenge was the pervasive negative media attention that overshadowed the client’s achievements, significantly hampering job prospects. The objective was to counteract this narrative by emphasizing the client’s educational accolades and positive personal endeavors, thereby facilitating a path to employment.


HeraldPR implemented a dual approach combining traditional crisis communication techniques with modern digital strategies. Key elements included:

  • Development of positive content highlighting the client’s achievements and character.
  • Strategic SEO practices to promote favorable content in search engine results.
  • Engagement with media outlets to generate positive coverage.
  • Continuous online profile monitoring and adjustment to ensure long-term reputation stability.


The targeted efforts led to a remarkable turnaround:

  • Substantial reduction in negative search results, replaced by positive content and accolades.
  • Successful job acquisition by the client, attributed directly to the improved online reputation.
  • Establishment of a resilient digital persona capable of withstanding future challenges.

Closing Statement

“The journey from scandal to stability was challenging but ultimately rewarding. Thanks to HeraldPR’s expertise, I was able to transition from a period of uncertainty to securing a position that acknowledges my true capabilities and potential,” reflected the client. Moving forward, this individual is well-equipped to build upon this foundation, pursuing professional aspirations free from the shadows of the past.

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