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 Women’s rights weren’t ever something that crossed my mind growing up: I never felt that being a girl prohibited me from doing anything I wanted to do. My parents let me do any activity I wanted to, from violin lessons, to soccer, to dance, to rock climbing; I thought I had all the freedom in the world. And to be honest I do! I have more freedoms than a lot of women in this world, I can go places by myself, I can work, I can wear whatever I want. When I left high school and started college I learned an eye opening lesson- I can do those things, but as a woman I’m always at a slight disadvantage. I can go places by myself, but I should probably carry pepper spray with me just in case someone stronger than me tries to hurt me. I can work, but I will be paid 79 cents to a mans dollar. I can wear whatever I want, but if I’m assaulted people will say that I asked for it.

As a young woman in a male-dominated field I have already experienced how women are treated differently in the work place. I have seen how my colleagues call tough female professors by names that they would never call tough male professors. In most cases, tough male professors are admired. I’ve also heard my colleagues call female professors “crazy feminists”. Though it may seem harmless to some, this makes me nervous for when I enter the work force. If I stand up for women’s rights, will people call me a crazy feminist? It’s hard to believe that in 2016 women are still not being payed for equal work. As the election gets closer- women and men alike need to push this issue of making the workplace equal and safe for women.

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