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As physical newspapers become something of the past, social apps slowly begin to step in. Millennials are all digital. We do everything entirely from our phones from shopping, to reading a novel and of course finding out the latest news. In the past, twitter has been know as the more traditional digital news site and the go to for reading about trendy topics and other news. However, as social apps continue to evolve so do ways on how millennials read and access the news.

For many millennials Snapchat acts as a platform for facilitating all their social needs. There, they can interact with their friends ‘face-to-face’, post videos and pictures and even peek into the lives of locals. What millennials love about Snapchat is how interactive it allows us to be not only with our friends but with our local communities. Recently, news has been a tremendous component Snapchat is eager to add into their social app. In order for Snapchat to involve news into their app local communities had to be included. Along with paid news from certain news sites Snapchat created ‘local news stories’ which allows locals to post content to one story. This giving people a chance to see the news from the perspective of locals and from the public, not anchors.

During the recent flooding in Louisiana people were unaware of the extreme damage to people’s lives and communities. Through Snapchat I was able to get real time news and videos from locals who were suffering from the mass flooding. This allows millennials to find a new way to ‘read’ the news an interactive and relateable way.

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