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It’s hard to get through a political campaign and election without a hiccup here and there. As we see Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump go back to back this season, let’s revisit some of the most famous campaign blunders of all time. 

Hart’s Heart

In 1988, Gary Hart was stricken with rumors and media backlash about him having affairs during the opening of the election. Underestimating the growing presence of paparazzi, Hart boldly told the media to follow him. Reporters not only followed him, but found him on a yacht, ironically named “Monkey Business,” with model Donna Rice.

Dukakis’ Disaster

In the same 1988 election, Mike Dukakis had a great rally of supporters behind him. The one thing he needed to establish was to show some strength when it came to his character, and his stance with national security. His campaign decided to run a video showing himself driving a tank. The whole feat turned out to look more like a comedy skit, as he looked small and childlike, instead of a strong ruler.

Dole’s Dip

Politicians have people to help them talking, but what about walking? During the 1996 election, Senator Bob Dole took a dive off of a stage when trying to shake the hand of a voter. Reporters were able to catch the hurt on his face. While he was uninjured, there is no telling if the campaign went bruise free.

Ford’s Fumble 

During the 1976 presidential debate, Gerald Ford and Jimmy Carter went back to back. Ford is known in this debate for saying,  “There is no Soviet domination of Eastern Europe.” Confused, and hoping to have Ford correct his fumble, the moderator asked him to clarify his statement. Ford however, did not change his original statement and that fumble of his became famous.

Marco’s Mistake

Let’s take a look at one of the more recent blunders that has happened in this election. While no longer in the race, Marco Rubio had some momentum in the beginning. When still trying to gain traction, Rubio released an advertisement similar to Reagan’s “Morning in America.” However, upon closer look at the opening scene, it is apparent that the scene is of Canada, with their flag placed on the tugboat in the water as well. Oops!

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