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In today’s digital landscape, how consumers learn about brands is rapidly changing. Banner and side bar ads on websites don’t garner the attention they used to, and more and more people are using ad blockers to delete them all together. Native advertising has quickly risen as the solution to this problem and is proving to have a better success rate than traditional online ads.

Designed to fit the content of the platform or publication, native ads are a great way to have your product noticed by consumers in a way that doesn’t seem obtrusive to them. Native ads are typically viewed the same amount of time as the  platforms original content and more likely to be shared than banner ads. Consumers are far more likely to look at them, and engage with the in a meaningful and possibly profitable way. 

Some of the major benefits of native advertising are:

1) Increase Relevance

Engaging with you audience in their language on a platform that they’re comfortable with, the more likely you are to develop a meaningful relationship with them. Building relationships with you customers increases loyalty and can turn fans into family.

2) Empowers Customers

Producing valuable content that shows customers you’re interested in providing assistance to them and not just looking to make money. Native advertising allows brands to present branded content in a way that is subtle and provides useful information. Showing customers you’re interested in other things than making money is one of the best ways to create returning customers.

By creating an effective native advertising plan brands can increase brand lift by 82%. At Herald Strategies we’re able to provide clients with effective native and digital marketing strategies best tailored to your business. For more information on our service contact us at info@heraldstrategies.com

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