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The rain was pouring, and my legs were extremely sore. My friend Gavi and I were staying at a hostel that promised a free drink at a bar down the street. We were exhausted after wandering around aimlessly. The Park du Champ de Mars was closed off for some football game screening, therefore making the Eiffel Tower almost as impossible to get to as Mount Everest. It just wasn’t a very fun day… especially considering that I was supposed to be in the “city of blinding lights.”

We sit down at the bar for a few drinks, and Gavi and I barely have enough energy for just chatting amongst ourselves. Out of the corner of my eye, I notice that the bracelets Gavi and I had on from our train ride previously that day were also gracing the wrists of some girls on the other side of the bar. We immediately realized that we had so much to discuss. We wanted to know where they’ve gone, where they’re from, what they want to do in life- until we all spent the night wandering around Paris handing out free high fives to people.

I love situations like that. Just one conversation … one bracelet… and I know a whole story, I’ve met a whole other person. Our 6 degrees of separation got a whole lot narrower, and the world got a lot smaller.

Working at Herald Strategies made me realize that not only is it fun to meet new people, but it’s so important. While trying to find people in the media to come to one of the cookbook launch events at Le Marais Kosher Steakhouse, I messaged this guy Sam who I met in Venice. I can’t really describe Sam. He just knows everybody. Naturally, knowing him by extension makes me know everybody too. And he got me a lot of good connections to come to the event. Just by introducing myself to him in synagogue one night a whole world of people brought to me.

Networking is such an essential part of life. Meeting people is akin to knowing more about the world around you. Hearing their stories, realizing that even if they’re from across the globe, you couldn’t believe they really aren’t that much different from you.

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