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#Hashtags are powerful tools. The search for content in the deep pools of media, social sites, and internet marketing is becoming exponentially easier. People use hashtags to help discover recipes, fashion, music and beauty advice in over crowded social sites. Unknown musicians, local foodies and artists are finding ways to break out all through the power of hashtags. From the undisclosed to the undiscovered, hashtags bring news out of the shadows and bring personalities out of the crowds.

When deciding where to honeymoon with my new and #sexy hubby this summer we argued on the perfect place. He wanted to venture to South Africa while I periodically pondered about typical destinations like Hawaii. Having backpacked around Southeast Asia just a year before, we both agreed that it was time to travel to more adventurous places. I suggested Croatia & Montenegro! He looked at me like I was nuts – Croatia?

Traditionally, I look up blogs and other travel resources online in order to gather my information (my typical go-to was Lonely Planet.) I had recently started following a travel and fashion blogger from Australia known as Tuula Vintage and saw some amazing photos she posted from her trip to Croatia. Before reading the blog, I was completely unaware of Croatia’s beauty and cultural complexity. I soon came to realize that, in order to find the coolest bars, prettiest sites and most adventurous hikes, the best way possible was to search hashtags on Instagram. I know, travel advice from Instagram? I started my search by using simple hashtags like #croatia and #montenegro to find out the best cities to visit. Once I had mapped out my trip I started using more detailed hashtags with cities, names, and towns. The content I found was absolutely amazing! We had lists of local restaurants to eat at, the best hostels and hotels to stay at, and activities that weren’t listed on Trip Advisors “Top 10 Things to Do” list.

Our honeymoon was a trip of a lifetime. Highlights include sailing on a tiny sailboat on the Dalmatian coast, sleeping at a local’s house in Montenegro (who mapped out the most unbelievable hike of my life) and seeing where the Battle of Blackwater (from the Game of Thrones) was filmed – all with the help of hashtags. Who knew that something that most 90’s people thought was one of the most useless buttons on a home telephone would become a piece of technology that could help you plan a honeymoon.  

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