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First thing’s first, to have a good say in this election, register to vote! If you haven’t already go to your state’s DMV website or click this link: httpss://vote.usa.gov/ 


This website offers a great interactive tool for the election forecast. You can see the percentages and state by state breakdown for who will win the election in November. You can see national polls, important states to watch, and it is updated regularly.


This website takes statements from prominent politicians involved in the current election, and analyze the truth of them.  


This website is a great resource to read up on the pros and cons of controversial issues. It is hard to find unbiased sources in this election, but this website takes into account both sides. It features the background of the issue, top pro & con arguments, and top pro & con quotes. Topics include a wide range of backgrounds including the economy, sex & gender, entertainment, sports, health, and education. 



PBS has a great link that features a lot of good resources to get yourself fully in tune with the election. The websites link “election collection,” includes tabs on how the voting law has changed, campaign strategies, lessons plans, and materials for students also! 

New York Times



The New York Times has a interactive portion of their website that features different components useful for this years election. The first link shows infographics on where the candidates stand on issues, by party and by individual. The second link is another website that shows a different algorithm for the election forecast. 

With these links, you will be one of the most well rounded and up to date with the election! 

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