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Did you know that the American Government in the largest PR firm in the world? Take a look at the “Federal Funding Accountability and Transparency Act of 2006,” the government spends over 2 billion dollars annually on Public Relations, and that number only increases by year.

But, why? Everyone knows who the top politicians are, everyone knows who the President is, why does the government spend so much on PR? It is the era we are living in. We live in an environment where any piece of news can be spread anywhere, in a matter of seconds. Social media and technology have made information so accessible, and easy to manipulate. Experts have coined this era to be the “permanent political campaign.” Politicians cannot hide until the moment they decide they are ready to show the polished version of themselves to the public.

It is now, more than ever, more important for politicians and candidates to garner the support of the public. Not only do they have to be known, they also have to give off a pleasing and trustworthy aura. It is the role of public relations to help these candidates devise a short and long term strategy to keep them relatable. The public has to see them as loyal, accomplished, and legitimate.

When news can be shared on the fly, it is easy for speeches and messages to easily manipulated. It is hard to argue against the fact that we are living in a polarized political world currently. Social media allows for different parties to see the campaign in two different lights. Public Relations has the opportunity to create a realm that manages and keeps the story from being too misconstrued. When thinking about all these extenuating factors, it is no wonder the government spends so much money on PR.

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