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Recently, I started working at a Summer Internship at Herald Strategies as an intern for the summer. In past roles, I have always depended on supervisors and peers to instruct me.  I always got my work done on time, but I’ve learned in the short 3 weeks at Herald Strategies that working, in any field, should be much more than having someone tell you what to do.

My favorite part about this internship is that I have the ability to speak my mind about everything and anything. Even if it’s not a project I’m directly involved in, my opinion is still heard. But it’s more than just heard… it is taken into consideration when making a decision. Our CEO and Founder, Warren Cohn, makes sure that we are always taking the initiative to do things on our own and make decisions by ourselves. His trust in his interns may seem irresponsible to some; but if you were with us in the office every day it would be apparent why he chooses to give us such freedom. We work together, ask questions, and are constantly sharing ideas on our projects. We have multiple team meetings on a weekly basis to stay connected and well-informed about everything going on in our world at Herald Strategies.

Confidence is an important thing in any work space. My advice is: believe in yourself, your work, and your abilities. I’m sure you’re asking yourself, “why would I take advice from a 19-year-old intern?”. Well I’ll tell you why: because I am confident in myself and my advice. In all seriousness- it’s important to believe in your abilities. Any employer will appreciate this quality as long as your confidence does not begin to inflate your ego. And always listen to your boss- they are there to tell you what needs to get done.

This style of working has allowed me to gain confidence in myself and my work. Making it known that we all appreciate each other’s hard work creates a positive environment. Along with that positivity, we are extremely dedicated and hard-working individuals; motivating each other to work harder. Now I’m not saying that we may be the best run business in New York- BUT I will say that there is no where else I would rather be spending my summer (except maybe somewhere on a beach in Hawaii).

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