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How To Create Quality Social Media Content

Without a doubt social media is becoming the world’s most powerful marketing channel. To best utilize this tool share high-quality content – the ultimate weapon to break through competitive clutter. High-quality content can boost your social media clout and expand your business’ reach. Every time your content is tweeted, liked, or shared on a social media platform, your audience approves of your content. This boosts website traffic, generates conversation and positively affects search engine results. It is extremely prudent for any company to publish “shareable” content on a regular basis. To help you get started, this post highlights 5 tips to create quality social media content.

Understand Your Target Audience

It is impossible to start writing content without understanding your audience. People won’t share or like your piece if it’s not relevant. Ask yourself the following questions before you start creating content:

  • Who am I writing for?
  • What are the pressing problems that my audience deals with? Will my content offer solutions? Think of how you will frame your content. Are they going to be updates, DIY posts or blogs that offer useful tips?
  • When should I post my content that will help me reach the highest number of people? You need to understand that the timing of your posts can make a huge difference!

Engaging, Timely Content

Content is key. However, if it’s one-sided and does not strike up conversation, what real purpose does it serve? (Incase you were wondering- it won’t serve any purpose) Social media platforms were designed for interactions with friends, fans, followers and customers. If there is no engagement, your popularity will die out and then you’re back to square one. Try and draw your audience to comment on posts; this is a great conversation starter. When you create content, don’t just focus on what you have to say. Instead, concentrate on initiating thought-provoking discussions.

Furthermore, your content should incorporate elements of ‘you’. For instance, it would be unsound for a vegan to endorse a hamburger company. Audience members will be able to spot insincerity. Additionally, inject bits of your personality whenever possible; this will make you more relatable to your audience members and will help retain viewers. And as always, share content on a regular basis to keep you ahead of the game and your competition. The more the merrier!


If you have a lot of heavy-duty data to share, infographics are the best way to illustrate what you need to say in a visually appealing manner. Using infographics will make it easier for your content to be picked and published on platforms like Pinterest and other social media channels. It will also appeal to your audience members who are visual learners, helping to draw a larger crowd.

Case Studies

Story telling and statistics are great ways of getting your brand message across to an audience by making your content extremely effective. Be sure to include appropriate call-to-action buttons so that you can engage with your viewers while gaining support.

Use Relevant Hashtags

How far does your content travel? Appropriate use of hashtags for your posts can generate a wide range of engagement. If you publish content with relevant hashtags on social media platforms anyone looking for a particular hashtag will eventually see your post. This increases visibility for your content and the chances of it being shared. According to searchenginewatch, the world’s top companies have adopted “the hashtag” on their posts. Content that included hashtags showed 12% more engagement than regular posts. Do you need another reason to #hashtag?

Use these tips to break through the noise and create infectious content with any or all of these tips! Which one will you pick?

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