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If statistics are anything to go by, 60% of marketers’ time is devoted to digital marketing activities, which goes to show that digital marketing has become a vital part of a business’ marketing strategy. Though traditional outbound methods hold their own, a well-executed digital marketing strategy could generate more leads and impact the overall growth/profits for a business.

If you want to craft a winning digital marketing strategy, you need to understand how to integrate these 5 key factors in order for it to be effective.

1.     Website Design

Your website should be the focal point of your digital strategy as this is where your clients will be directed from digital marketing channels. A poorly designed website could cost you leads and ruin the efforts that you put into other channels. Optimize your website to convert your visitors into leads, with call-to-action tabs, numerous lead capture points, appropriate links to social media pages and a responsive design, which is easy to navigate through.

2.     Social Media

Think of the posts you want to put out on your social media pages i.e. LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and your target audience. Focus on post frequency, post timings and an effective content plan that will expound all of your business goals. A cutting-edge social media plan would also necessitate the main metrics and KPIs that will be used to constantly set targets and measure results. If used properly, social media platforms could be the perfect medium to market your brand.

3.     SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

A good percentage of organic traffic and profits are driven by an effective SEO plan. SEO plays a crucial role in customer acquisition. Almost every prospective customer begins their search for a product/service using keywords on a search engine, such as Google, Bing, etc. The websites that rank the highest on these search engine results pages garner views and conversions. A high-ranking on search engine results is what any business with a good digital marketing strategy should be aiming for and implementing.

4.     Paid Advertising

Paid advertising is an effective branding channel and can help your business map the target audience. Ad spends must be allotted after your business is thoroughly examined. While paid search campaigns on Google Adwords are highly targeted – use display ads for people actively looking for your product/service. Also use promoted or sponsored posts, retargeting campaigns as well as Facebook/LinkedIn advertising efforts, to help get word out and also bring in consistent, lucrative traffic.

5.     Content Marketing

No matter what the industry, maintaining a blog page could prove to be lucrative. Blogs are valuable sources of information and can help impart industry-specific, engaging and informative content that play a pivotal role in attracting inbound traffic. Apart from this, a blog page is a good medium through which a business can boost SEO efforts and if it wants to establish itself as an expert in its space.

At the end of the day, it is important to analyze your traditional marketing and advertising strategies in order to make sure that your digital marketing strategy is well-aligned with your offline efforts. Your overall public relations, marketing, and ad plan should add up and only then will see you customer conversions, growth and success.

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