About us

Dedicated to delivering results and working as an extension of your team.

HeraldPR, a leading New York City-based public relations agency founded on the belief that authentic client relationships are the foundation for successful PR campaigns. We specialize in developing strategic media campaigns that span the globe, working with clients across diverse industries. Our experienced PR team excels at navigating the media landscape to deliver tangible results, putting your brand or business directly in front of your target market.


At the helm of HeraldPR is Juda Engelmayer, a seasoned PR professional who oversees our operations, strategic direction, and client relationships. His deep understanding of the media landscape allows him to craft effective campaigns that generate exposure for your brand. With a strong emphasis on authentic client relationships, Juda and our team strive to understand your goals and effectively communicate them to the world through PR initiatives. Our results-oriented approach ensures that our campaigns position your brand or business in front of your target market, delivering the outcomes you desire. Trust HeraldPR to amplify your message and achieve your PR objectives.


Our team will translate your goals and objectives into a strategic media campaign that reaches your target audience.


Our team will help you to define and develop your marketing objectives and brand voice to generate authentic awareness in the media landscape.


Our team will generate unique story ideas based on your key interests, plan launch parties and grand openings, and hone in on creative thinking to drive results.


From idea to conception, our team will work with you to prepare you for live segments, communicating with the press, hosting an event and more.



Nestled in the bustling heart of Manhattan, HeraldPR thrives in one of the world's most dynamic and influential business and media hubs, offering unparalleled access to industry leaders and an extensive network of media outlets.



Located in the vibrant city of Miami, HeraldPR benefits from its strategic position at the crossroads of diverse industries, cultural influences, and media opportunities.