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Creating social connections that bridge the gap between brands and people

Drop the business talk and pause your direct mail. Social Media gives brands and businesses the power to reach everyday consumers in a more connected and social space, making it integral to the growth of today’s businesses.

At HeraldPR, we believe that Social Media and Digital Marketing is not only a way for brands and businesses to be a part of the daily lives of every day consumers, but also a way to leverage your brand to drive consumer purchases and build your fan base. Our team wants to help your company utilize the world’s most powerful tool to bridge the gap between companies and consumers. With the implementation of Social Analytics and Insights, HeraldPR’s experienced Social team will help you to develop quality content that drives user engagement.

The HeraldPR Approach

In today’s social world, businesses and every day users are all competing for the social spotlight, hoping the social algorithm drives their content to the top of the feed. At HeraldPR, we take the guessing out of the everyday social post. By analyzing consumer trends, defining consumer demographics, traits and interests, and optimizing your unique brand voice, we work with you to develop and deliver content that’s not only click-worthy, but that creates lifelong customers.

What We Offer

  • Social Analytics, Insights & Strategy
  • Compelling Creative Campaigns
  • Community Planning & Management
  • Identifying Brand Influencers
  • Content Development & Production
  • User Engagement
  • Organic & Paid Posting
  • Monthly Reporting

Organic Engagement + Lasting Relationships

What separates your business or brand from the rest of the world? Is it your honesty and transparency with consumers? Your exceptional back story? Your beliefs and underlying global mission?

Whatever it may be, our team will leverage the driving force behind your brand in creative development and organic posting–giving your brand the daily interaction and engagement it needs to stay top-of-mind with consumers.

Paid Promotion + Leveraging Your Brand

Who is your ideal customer? What do they do for a living? What are their hobbies and interests? What’s their age group?

By identifying a few key details about your ideal consumer, HeraldPR’s Social Media team will develop on-brand content that targets the right people at the right time to get your product, brand or company in front of the right consumer audience.

Earned Promotion + Creating Consumer Connections

Who is utilizing your services and products? Through an Influencer Marketing identification process, HeraldPR will connect with the right consumers to brand your services or products in a unique way to a targeted audience.


Social Audit + Strategy

Every social journey has to start somewhere. Our team will delve into all of your accounts to determine what content is and is not working best for your business, as well as provide strategic solutions for how to optimize your social presence.

Social Media Management

We understand the difficulties of running social media platforms in addition to your company. With our social team in place you’ll never have to worry about whether or not you’ve been socially active for the day. We’ll handle organic posting, sourcing imagery, writing creative copy and targeting the correct audience across all platforms.

Community Management

Being on social media as a business means being social and available to your community. Our team will maintain your online community by creating lasting and authentic relationships, responding to your followers and targeting new followers for your business.

Social Advertising Campaigns

Every business has its targeted goals and objections. Our team will help your business to reach those goals through social advertising creation, management and optimization via all social platforms.

Social Analytics + Progress Report

Just as it’s important to track your business goals, it’s important to track your online KPI’s. Our team will deliver an in-depth report as to how your business is doing at the end of every month/quarter.


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