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The Glimpse Group, a Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality company, comprised of VR and AR software and services start-ups, designed with the specific purpose of cultivating entrepreneurs in the VR/AR industry, tapped HeraldPR in October 2017 to generate awareness for the company as a whole, highlight its unique business model and drive awareness to its many subsidiaries.

With The Glimpse Group’s objectives in mind, HeraldPR’s technology team designed a strategic approach to feature The Glimpse Group as a modern-day tech company that works to advance all industries through cutting-edge, technological advancements through leveraging Lyron Bentovim, CEO of The Glimpse Group, as a thought leader in the tech industry and business expert, in addition to highlighting the tech advancements of its subsidiaries in specified trade magazines.

Leveraging Lyron’s expertise within the tech industry and drawing from the unique, ongoing tech projects of each subsidiary, HeraldPR successfully placed The Glimpse Group as a leading and cutting-edge tech company, driving awareness and company value, respectively.

Now, The Glimpse Group and its subsidiaries are regularly featured in a multitude of top-tier publication to tech outlets, including Barron’s, Adweek, Cheddar, Next Reality, Digiday and Engadget, among others.

After strategically and effectively achieving The Glimpse Group’s goals at the start of its campaign, HeraldPR continues to highlight the latest projects of each subsidiary, such as Kabaq 3D Food’s partnership with Bareburger and Snapchat and how virtual reality is transforming the construction industry.

Top Media Placements:

Lyron Bentovim, CEO of The Glimpse Group, Cheddar, January 18, 2018

Lyron Bentovim, CEO and President of The Glimpse Group, discusses how augmented reality will change the way people dine out. Additionally, Bentovim is excited about the future of virtual reality and augmented reality, thanks to the technology now readily available on every smartphone. According to Bentovim, Apple is leading the way in augmented reality.    

The Glimpse Group on Its Partnership with Intel, Engadget, March 6, 2018

Glimpse Group elaborated on the demo during an Unreal design event promoting the engine’s new Datasmith feature, which was used in the Intel Arena Project. The demo itself is a bit of an ad showcasing the Intel hardware that was used to make the demonstration (the (i9 chipset and Optane memory drives), which makes sense given the chipmaker’s sponsorship of the project. But the white paper Glimpse Group will release concurrently with the demo and software could help creators make large-scale environments in their VR projects.

The Glimpse Group highlighted with subsidiary QReal on AR ads, Digiday, June 28, 2019

Alper Guler, co-founder of QReal, an augmented-reality-focused subsidiary of the Glimpse Group, recently renamed his company to align with the growth in the AR industry. Kabaq was known for its work in 3D and AR food, such as with Bareburger on Snapchat. But now the company is working with brands in fashion, CPG and automative. “For years, we perfected our modeling process to present dishes that look completely real, are platform agnostic and optimized for AR. We knew the same process would work for a whole myriad of brands and items,” Guler said.

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