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Miko Branch, Co-Founder and CEO of Miss Jessie’s Hair Care products, a widely-successful hair care line developed for textured hair by siblings Miko and Titi Branch, tapped HeraldPR in November 2016 to highlight her in stories regarding her entrepreneurial efforts and promoting her as a thought leader within the hair care and beauty industries.

With Branch’s objectives in mind, HeraldPR’s beauty team designed a strategic media approach to position Branch as a leader in both the hair care and beauty industry, in addition to highlighting her as a female entrepreneur, through expert commentary on natural hair, building an empire, working through failure, and more.

Leveraging Miko’s personal experience and industry expertise, HeraldPR’s beauty team successfully inserted Branch into female-driven media outlets on topics surrounding her core values and personal achievements, including New York Mag’s The Cut “How I Get It Done: Miko Branch, Co-Founder of Miss Jessie’s”, Teen Vogue “Black Women Speak Out About Natural Hair Bias in the Workplace”, and Forbes “How two Sisters went from Failure to Shaping the Natural Hair Movement.”

Now, Branch regularly comments on trends within the hair care and beauty industries, such as African-inspired attire that stemmed from the 2018 release of Black Panther in USA Today, in addition to sharing insight on how she grew her business while dealing with loss.

After strategically and effectively achieving Branch’s campaign goals, HeraldPR’s beauty team adjusted its efforts to produce results for a long-term partnership, placing Branch into top-tier beauty, fashion and lifestyle outlets monthly and maintaining her position and reputation within the hair care and beauty industries.

Top Media Placements:

Miko Branch, New York Mag’s The Cut, January 19, 2017

“I strive to work in a manageable environment because I’m more of a front-end girl. I try to anticipate what the potential problems and challenges are as they’re happening. Once the strife comes, it’s hard to manage that. We have a successful business — it needs to have order.”  

Miko Branch on Natural Hair Bias, Teen Vogue, February 24, 2017

Miko encourages black women with natural hair who find themselves having to compromise on the clock to view the way they must wear their hair as a part of their uniform, “If going to another job is not an option, I think we have to change our thinking about it.” She does warn, “I don’t recommend that anyone [use] a chemical that’s going to permanently alter their hair in order to conform to a temporary situation.”    

Miko Branch on ‘Black Panther’ and African Attire, USA Today, February 22, 2019

“The film had a major impact on hair styles not only because the movie was shot beautifully on beautiful actors, but the story line was very inspirational for many as the movie touched us in many different ways,” she says. “I am sure that the movie inspired people to emulate the beauty and royalty we saw on the screen, which is why I am seeing an influx of very close-cropped cuts.” View the full Miko Branch Case Study

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