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Case Summary

The Law Center aimed to solidify its position as the leading online resource for legal services, resources, and information by enhancing its digital content hub and full-service marketing efforts. The objective was clear: to connect individuals with top-tier legal professionals across the United States, thereby expanding their legal partners’ businesses, revenues, and national recognition.

Customer Profile/Background

  • Company name: The Law Center
  • Industry: Legal Services
  • Product: Digital Content Hub and Marketing Services
  • Company size: National Platform
  • Location: United States

The Law Center is the premier destination for individuals seeking trusted legal guidance. With a commitment to connecting people with highly qualified attorneys, The Law Center uses a selective approach to partner with legal experts who share its vision for providing exceptional service and achieving national prominence.

Client Goals

The Law Center faced the challenge of increasing its visibility and credibility to attract and deliver valuable legal leads to its partners. The primary goal was to elevate its partners’ practices through national recognition and the “Rub-Off” effect, which enhances credibility and business growth beyond what individual efforts could achieve.


The Law Center adopted a multi-faceted marketing strategy, focusing on its digital content hub and leveraging full-service marketing, including a specialized Public Relations team. This approach was designed to:

  • Maximize exposure through targeted marketing efforts.
  • Utilize expert PR strategies to secure media placements and impressions.


Within just four months, The Law Center’s strategic initiative led to:

  • 40 high-profile media placements, showcasing their partners as leaders in the legal field.
  • Over 1.5 million paid impressions, increasing visibility among potential clients.
  • An impressive 2 billion overall impressions, significantly enhancing national recognition and credibility.

These achievements not only bolstered The Law Center’s reputation as the leading legal services platform but also substantially grew its partners’ businesses and revenue streams.

Closing Statement

“The Law Center’s focused marketing efforts have transformed our partners’ practices, offering them unparalleled national exposure and business growth,” says a spokesperson for The Law Center. Looking ahead, The Law Center is committed to expanding its reach and influence, further solidifying its status as the ultimate legal resource and partner for growth.

This case study demonstrates the powerful impact of targeted marketing and PR efforts in the legal industry, proving that with the right strategy, law firms can achieve significant business growth and national recognition.

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