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Case Summary

Seasons Kosher, the largest kosher supermarket chain in the nation, aimed to re-establish itself as the family-friendly cornerstone of the community following a challenging phase of bankruptcy and store closures in late 2018. Under new management, the brand underwent a transformative rebranding and renovation process to enhance the customer shopping experience. With a focus on high-quality service and a renewed store atmosphere, Seasons Kosher partnered with HeraldPR to orchestrate grand reopening events and a Passover Food Expo, achieving remarkable community engagement and positive media coverage.

Customer Profile/Background

  • Company name: Seasons Kosher
  • Industry: Retail – Kosher Supermarket Chain
  • Product: Kosher groceries and food products
  • Company size: Large
  • Location: New York and New Jersey, USA

Founded in 2011 in Queens, NY, Seasons Kosher has expanded its presence to key locations across New York and New Jersey, embodying a mission to offer a superior kosher shopping experience that feels like home to every customer.

Client Goals

Following bankruptcy and the closure of three stores, Seasons Kosher faced the imperative need to rejuvenate its brand image and reconnect with the community. The primary goal was to rekindle customer trust and loyalty while showcasing the brand’s commitment to quality and family values through the renovated stores and enhanced shopping experiences.


Seasons Kosher and HeraldPR collaboratively crafted a strategic plan to reintroduce the brand to the community with a grand reopening event in Scarsdale, NY, and a Passover Food Expo in Clifton, NJ. These events were designed to highlight the newly renovated spaces, offer a taste of Seasons’ quality products, and engage the community with family-friendly activities. The efforts included meticulous planning, local media outreach, and community engagement to ensure a warm and inviting atmosphere for the events.

  • Unique features: Custom event planning, community-focused engagement
  • Advantages: Strengthened community bonds, enhanced brand image


The strategic PR and event management led to:

  • Successful grand reopening event with approximately 500 attendees, fostering community goodwill.
  • Positive media coverage and social media buzz, significantly improving the brand’s public perception.
  • Increased customer footfall and sales, indicating restored trust and interest in the Seasons Kosher brand.

These achievements marked a pivotal moment in Seasons Kosher’s revival, setting a solid foundation for future growth and community relations.

Closing Statement

Reflecting on the successful events, a company spokesperson stated, “The overwhelming support from our community and the positive feedback on our renovated spaces have been truly heartwarming. These events have not only marked the beginning of a new chapter for Seasons Kosher but have also reinforced our commitment to serving our customers with nothing but the best.”

With a clear direction and renewed vigor, Seasons Kosher is poised to expand its legacy as a beloved family shopping destination, continuously innovating to meet and exceed customer expectations.

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