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Case Summary

Duncan Levin, a renowned expert in criminal law, anti-money laundering, internal investigations, and anti-fraud, sought to enhance his brand and promote his law firm, Levin & Associates, PLLC. Through a targeted media campaign by HeraldPR, Levin achieved remarkable visibility across premier media outlets worldwide. This strategic initiative resulted in 22 high-profile placements, over 150 media pickups, and an astounding reach of 2 billion impressions within just two months.

Client Profile

  • Company name: Levin & Associates, PLLC
  • Industry: Legal Services
  • Product: Legal consultation and representation
  • Company size: Boutique law firm
  • Location: United States

Duncan Levin is celebrated for his expertise in navigating complex legal challenges. His storied career includes serving as a federal prosecutor and Chief of Asset Forfeiture in Manhattan. Levin’s legal acumen is underscored by significant roles in landmark financial crime cases and contributions to legal education and policy.

Client Goals

Despite Duncan Levin’s extensive experience and recognition within legal circles, the challenge lay in amplifying his voice and expertise to a wider audience, beyond the traditional legal community. Levin aimed to become a go-to legal expert for media outlets, enhancing both his brand and the visibility of Levin & Associates, PLLC.


To address this challenge, Levin partnered with HeraldPR, a public relations firm specializing in media strategy and brand development. The PR campaign was meticulously designed to showcase Levin’s legal expertise across a broad media spectrum. HeraldPR leveraged Levin’s distinguished background, securing opportunities for him to provide expert commentary on legal matters in leading media outlets and as a recurring expert on national television.


The collaboration with HeraldPR yielded significant achievements:

  • 22 high-profile media placements in premier outlets, demonstrating Levin’s sought-after legal insight.
  • Over 150 media pickups across multiple languages and countries, significantly extending his reach.
  • An impressive 2 billion impressions, catapulting Levin’s status as a leading legal expert on the global stage.

These results have not only solidified Duncan Levin’s standing as a top legal authority but also contributed to the growth and reputation of Levin & Associates, PLLC.

Closing Statement

Reflecting on the campaign’s success, Duncan Levin stated, “The strategic media campaign executed by HeraldPR has been transformative, both for my personal brand and for our law firm. It has opened new avenues for engagement and positioned us at the forefront of legal expertise.” Levin looks forward to continuing this momentum, further establishing Levin & Associates, PLLC as a beacon of legal excellence and advocacy.

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