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Case Summary

Calocurb, leveraging its unique, 100% plant-based appetite suppressant formula derived from hop flowers, aimed to establish itself as a leader in the health and wellness industry. By adopting a strategic public relations campaign, Calocurb sought to enhance brand visibility and educate consumers about its innovative solution for managing appetite. This initiative aimed to transition from modest sales of seven units per day to a broader market penetration, leveraging media exposure to achieve significant sales growth.

Customer Profile

  • Company name: Calocurb
  • Industry: Health and Wellness
  • Product: Plant-based appetite suppressant
  • Company size: Emerging Enterprise
  • Location: Motueka, New Zealand

Calocurb’s mission centers on promoting efficient and sustainable weight management solutions, with a focus on natural ingredients and cutting-edge technology encapsulated in their patented supercapsules.

Client Goals

Calocurb aimed to overcome the challenge of limited brand recognition and demonstrate the effectiveness and sustainability of their product in a competitive market. The goal was to increase product sales and establish a strong, reputable brand identity within the health and wellness sector.


The solution involved a dynamic PR strategy to secure high-profile media placements and engage target audiences through compelling narratives about Calocurb’s benefits and differentiators. Success hinged on showcasing the product’s unique, all-natural approach to appetite management and its contributions to a healthier lifestyle.


The strategic PR efforts culminated in:

  • A remarkable surge in sales, transitioning from seven units per day to a sale every seven minutes, following a feature in the Daily Mail.
  • Elevated brand visibility and credibility through features in prestigious outlets like Fox News, Cheddar News, and The Washington Post.
  • A significant boost in consumer interest and engagement, establishing Calocurb as a trusted name in health and wellness.

Closing Statement

“Our strategic PR campaign has been pivotal in transforming Calocurb from a niche product into a widely recognized brand within the health and wellness industry,” remarked a Calocurb executive. “The exponential growth in sales and brand recognition is a testament to the power of combining innovative products with targeted media outreach.” As Calocurb continues to expand its market reach, the company is well-positioned for sustained growth and further innovations in health and wellness solutions.

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