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Juda Engelmayer

is a highly regarded crisis management expert based in New York City. With a distinguished career in public relations and crisis communications, Juda has garnered extensive experience and recognition in the industry.
As President of HeraldPR, he oversees a wide-ranging clientele that spans various sectors, including corporate, political, advocacy, and policy groups, as well as prominent individuals on both national and international levels. Juda’s exceptional expertise encompasses public campaigning, direct advocacy, crisis management, and issue-oriented matters related to corporate, financial, and philanthropic spheres.
Having held key positions, such as Chief Communications Officer for the American Jewish Congress and Vice President at Rubenstein Associates, Juda has demonstrated his ability to handle media relations for accounts ranging from foreign governments to healthcare organizations. With a strong foundation in public service and political campaigns, Juda’s background includes working in the New York State Assembly and serving as an executive assistant to the New York State Comptroller. 
He brings a wealth of knowledge and strategic insight to his role, offering comprehensive solutions for reputation management, crisis communication, and online profile optimization. Juda Engelmayer’s multifaceted experience and commitment to effective communication make him a sought-after professional in the field.