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This company has created an innovative solution to tackle environmental challenges in the shipping industry. Their groundbreaking invention, the world’s first environmentally friendly folding container, allows multiple containers to fit within a single standard container. This reduces port congestion and contributes to lowering global emissions, as transportation accounts for a significant portion of emissions. With their focus on sustainability and improved logistics, they are making a positive impact on the environment and revolutionizing the shipping industry.


Through our strategic public relations efforts, we have positioned this company as a reliable and proactive player in the shipping industry. By securing placements in prestigious media outlets and targeting key channels, we have elevated their brand visibility and solidified their reputation as a thought leader and industry disruptor. They have benefited from our expertise in driving their success, generating positive buzz and fostering a strong brand image. With media appearances in Fox News, Cheddar News, The Washington Post, and more, they have shared their innovative solutions with a broad audience, further establishing themselves as a company at the forefront of transformative advancements.