Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations: What’s the Difference?

Digital Marketing

Public Relations

Public relations helps establish positive brand image and increase brand awareness; it’s all about reputation management. Public relations can include press releases, events, speaking opportunities, sponsorships, and media relations for the client. The goals are more broad than those of advertising and vary from client to client. For some, it’s about creating a reputation that previously didn’t exist because you’re a new company or a new service. For instance, a lifestyle and beauty public relations client may have the most amazing new product or service, but no awareness. Getting a splashy article or partnering with an influencer for for that article could help a business explode to stratospheric levels, driving traffic and sales. For others, it’s about crisis and reputation management in the sense of diverting attention away from potentially damaging press to maintain that positive image. The services that PR offers are very tailored to each client’s wishes, but the biggest difference between public relations and advertising is that PR is usually made up of earned media – i.e. organic and unpaid for – while advertising is paid for.

Marketing is not just a nice thing to have, it’s an important asset for companies to utilize. Therefore, it’s always good to know the differences, whether you’re thinking about pursuing one of the fields, know someone in the field, or are simply curious.