Broadway Stages Receives Award Commending Community Involvement

We are so proud of our NYC based public relations and communications client Broadway Stages for receiving an award on Monday, August 6th from Patrol Borough Brooklyn North for being an outstanding Community Partner! The awards were given at an event for dedicated police officers who go above and beyond for the community. Although they are not police officers, premiere film and television production company Broadway Stages was awarded at this event for extraordinary commitment to the community and their love of giving back.

Broadway Stages is truly a company worthy of this honor. In 2017, they gave a donation for Christmas, and sponsored a haunted house on Halloween. This year, they stepped up for a last minute request for a July 4th event by finding and sponsoring a honeywagon for a Brooklyn North Patrol event when the honeywagon they had planned for and expected fell through.

This level of commitment and care deems Broadway Stages more than deserving of the Community Partner award, thanking Broadway Stages for always being there.