Broadway Stages’ Week of Giving Continues!

Continuing to spread holiday cheer, Broadway Stages’ CEO Gina Argento sponsored roughly 250 meals yesterday, December 15, 2017, through North Brooklyn Angels. North Brooklyn Angels is a mobile food organization that gives away free food. The event began at 12:15 PM, just outside the Cooper Park NYCHA Complex. They handed out meals of fish fillets and veggies through their one-of-a-kind bright blue truck that delivers 200+ meals a day, supplying lunch Monday-Friday to anyone who shows up. They deliver food from different locations each day, with five locations total around North Brooklyn, including the parking lot of a Broadway Stages soundstage. Each day, they stay until there’s no food left, no matter how cold it might be outside. North Brooklyn Angels is a new volunteer-based organization that only launched this past May. While they started by handing out lunches three days a week, they have since been able to increase to five days a week because of generous donations from the local community this past July 4th; since they started, they’ve given out about 20,000 meals. North Brooklyn Angels is a huge success, and is hoping to be serving two meals a day by next summer. Another exciting development is that while right now they pick up food from Saint John’s Baptist Church in North Brooklyn, they are hoping to soon begin cooking their own meals in a kitchen opening on January 3rd. Broadway Stages’ holiday spirit will continue throughout the week, with plenty of events to look forward to! By: Ilana Weinberger