Herald Strategies NOW HIRING Summer Interns and 2 Associates

Our firm, Herald Strategies is in the process of interviewing and hiring for 2 positions. We are looking for young and talented associates to work on political campaigns and in digital marketing/public relations. If you are interested in either position, please send your resume to Apply.HeraldStrategies@Gmail.com. Include your resume, prior and pertinent experience that would make you stand out for either position and we look forward to reviewing your applications.

Our firm is also looking to hire summer interns in the following fields/areas:

  1. Political Campaign Strategy
  2. Political Campaign Field Operations
  3. Political Campaign Fundraising
  4. Public Relations and Media
  5. Social Media Management
  6. General Assistant for All the Above

If you are interested in applying to fill any of these summer positions, please send us an email Apply.HeraldStrategies@gmail.com and specify which position you are applying for and highlight any past experience that would qualify you and/or make you stand out.