Flint, Michigan Water Crisis – Herald Founder/CEO Warren H. Cohn Pledges .25 for Every New Twitter Follower Today

Our founder and CEO, Warren Cohn, was born and bred to help those in need and has made charity work, relief efforts, and charitable causes a large part of his career and daily efforts. This was instilled early on, but being a part of Tulane University’s “Katrina class” and helping with relief efforts after the storm led Warren to continue seeking out opportunities to help and make the world a better place.

This continued with the earthquake in Haiti, after which Warren led a relief effort – with medical supplies donated, and Jetblue donating a flight to Santo Domingo – on behalf of his then employer, Congress Ed Towns.

At the moment, we face a barrage of news reports about the presidential election, the various primaries, the Zika Virus outbreak (and microencephaly), the continued problems and fighting in Syria, and our troubles with ISIS. What is not getting much national/international coverage is the #FlintWaterCrisis or Flint, Michigan water crisis and associated lead poisoning of many people, both young and old. 

We at Herald feel that not enough attention is being given to the cause, not enough resources being put in place, and there isnt enough of a sense of urgency to help those in need. This is no third-world country, this isn’t some far away place where we can forget about (or ignore) what is happening. This is Flint, Michigan. This is America. The USA. OUR nation, our country, our people. And, we aren’t doing enough to help those in need.

So, our founder, Warren H. Cohn has decided to run a 24 hour campaign on Twitter. For every new follower that Herald Strategies: @HeraldStrategy gets on Twitter in the next 24 hours, our firm will donate .25 to Flint, Michigan to help those in need and those affected by this water crisis.

Please spread the word, ask your friends to follow us on Twitter, and join our efforts to help OUR people. Think about it this way: what if it was the NYC Water Crisis? Wouldn’t we hope that our fellow-Americans in Michigan would stand up, help us, and send aide our way? Please join our founder, Warren Cohn, and Team Herald in making our country and the world a better place.