Tammy Fellus | Vice President | Consumer, Beauty & Lifestyle

Tammy Fellus is the Vice President of lifestyle, consumer and beauty public relations at HeraldPR. Tammy also assists in running digital marketing campaigns, helping to grow her clients digital landscape. She is a skin-care, health and wellness aficionado, making her a natural fit to lead HeraldPR's consumer team. She took the reigns as VP at the ripe old age of 26. She is one of HeraldPR's leading ladies. 

After graduating from FIT with a degree in Advertising and Marketing Communications, Tammy landed a job doing sales and experiential marketing for one of the largest real estate firms in NYC. One year later, she joined HeraldPR to help build out a consumer, beauty and lifestyle public relations division. Using her newly sharpened sales and communication skills , she stepped into the position with an open mind and optimistic vision. Today, she runs a team of young, passionate and creative professionals that exceed in ways we could have never imagined.