Steven J. Cohen | Summer Associate | Digital Marketing, Media Relations, Event Planning

Steven has lived on the Lower East Side of Manhattan all of his life, yet only recently ventured into Brooklyn for his first time in order to work at Herald. He spent the past year living in and becoming a part of the Israeli culture, where he learned (some say he was born with “it") to be charismatic enough to speak to anyone he sees on the street - or on the phone - hoping to get invited over for a meal, before joining Herald Strategies this Summer. His main work experience before PR and social media was working at a pizza store in Teaneck, New Jersey, but Steven is a natural. Steven is widely known and recognized as "that tall pizza guy” or “that tall Herald guy.”

Aside from his knack for PR, social media management, and media relations and getting to know random street-wanderers, he also has a life-long love for acting. He was in every school play until his senior year of high school, comedy shows by Neil Simon being his favorite.

He's going back to Israel for another year, and has no idea what he’ll be doing in two, except for helping out his co-workers at Team Herald and making our clients happy. :D